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Published by 911 Restoration Denver on November 14, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration

I learned when my friend’s home flooded that water damage restoration is a process used to dry and restore structures and items damaged by standing, leaking, or flooding water. I know that extreme water damage occurs from natural disasters such as storms and floods. However, hot water tank leaks, plumbing leaks, toilet over flows, and other similar occurrences can also cause extensive water damage.

You should look for a water restoration company that provides 24-hour emergency service. They react quickly to inspect, assess, dry, and restore water-damaged items and areas. I recommend using certified water extraction experts because they are trained to use safety equipment to look beyond the surface damage. They find mold and bacteria that hides behind walls, underneath flooring, and in crevices.

You can expect restoration services to use dehumidifiers and industrial fans for the drying process and powerful vacuums to extract water. The service my friends used provided same day service, which made it possible for them to salvage many of their water-damaged possessions. The restoration service repaired their water damage cabinets and restored their wood floors.

The water damage restoration company rescued, restored, and returned treasured items to my friends. The restoration service they used was cost-effective. They dried and restored items that saved my friends the cost of replacing them and eliminated potential health costs by restoring their home to a mold free environment.

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