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Who Pays for Water Damage – Renter or Owner?

Published by Allegra on November 11, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
Got a leaky roof, burst pipe, or seepage problem? Landlords and renters often struggle to decide who pays for water damage when the problem occurs. The complexities surrounding leakage and water intrusion incidents make decisions rather difficult if you don’t have a contract. Nevertheless, there... 

Dealing With a Tornado in Snow – Disaster Management & Mitigation in Denver Metro

Published by Allegra on October 28, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
Tornadoes in the snow made headlines earlier this year. We can expect a similar scene as the winter season arrives with the expected arrival of thunderstorms, snow, blizzards, and tornados. As homeowners, you need to stay alert and prepare for the unexpected when experiencing natural... 

How Deep Can Smoke Go After Smoke Damage?

Published by Allegra on September 10, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
Fire flames can cause irreversible damage to property. They shatter, melt, and crack things. However, we believe once the fire has been put out, there is nothing more to be afraid of; that is where we are at fault. Smoke damage left behind after the... 

Fall Fire Hazards: Identifying 5 Autumn Activities That Start a Fire

Published by Allegra on August 31, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
Autumn is almost here, and so are fall fire hazards that resurface upon its arrival. Crisp cool mornings, crunchy rust-colored leaves call for campfires and cozy fireplaces–these autumnal elements can start a fire when you leave them unattended. Adding to the seasonal dangers are candles... 

Frozen Pipes – How Burst Pipes Create Water Damage

Published by Allegra on July 22, 2021 in category: Uncategorized
Frozen pipes are among the leading causes of water damage in Denver Metro homes. It is a foregone conclusion that most homeowners will experience a burst pipe or water leak at some point, especially if they haven’t had seasonal plumbing maintenance. Every home contains plumbing... 
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