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Combat Overcast and Gloomy Weather

Published by SEO on June 9, 2015 in category: Lifestyle, Mold Inspection with tags: , ,

Don’t let Juneuary weather get you down. Here are a few tips on how to combat against overcast and gloomy weather:

1. Change your curtain

Use thin and sheer curtains to let in as much light as possible. Save your thicker weave for summer when the sun rays can be abrasive.

Look for lighter color and texture fabric such as lace, linen, and sheer cotton. Bonus: add a large decorative mirror next to the window to create the illusion of a bigger window and reflect more light!

2. Switch your bulbs

Check the lumen on your light bulb. Most households choose bulbs that have low wattage and cheaper pricing instead of adequate lighting power.

Lumen measures brightness while wattage measures energy consumption. If you are confused about how to pick the best type of bulbs for your home, Cleantechnica.com has an article on various type of light bulbs available for home’s use.

Besides brightness, check the temperature of your light bulb. My favorite is the tungsten halogen, which adds crispness to the color yet still retains some warmth without being too harsh like a daylight bulb. Here is a nifty video from Home Depot that demonstrates different lighting color options:

2. Mix up the color scheme

Don’t feel the need to match the colors of all your furniture. Professional interior designers actually recommend against having a schema consisted of various shades of only one color. The best approach is to have a mixture of light and dark colors, but be careful about mixing warm and cool tones. 

Mix between dark flooring and light furniture, or accent dark wall with decorative items that have white trimming. Here are some very good examples from Houzz.com:

Eclectic Dining Room by Dallas Media & Bloggers Sarah Greenman
Industrial Kitchen by Burlington Interior Designers & Decorators Joanne Palmisano, Salvage Secrets

3. Finally, be bold with your wardrobe!

The Weather Channel is expecting nothing but gray clouds and thunderstorms for the next 5 days, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear nothing but black wool overcoats. Grab a yellow jacket or a daisy-pattern pair of rain boots and dance a little in the rain!  

Research has shown that overcast skies and gray clouds can have a negative effect on human mood and behavior such as inducing fatigue and depressive thoughts. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to remain positive and upbeat amidst the rain.

Bonus tip: Rainy season with its extra moisture is also the time for mold growth. So if you’ve done everything but still cannot get rid of that “gloomy” odor, call up the mold experts at 911 Restoration of Denver to check if mold is the reason behind your Juneuary funk!



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