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Fall Fire Hazards: Identifying 5 Autumn Activities That Start a Fire

Published by Allegra on August 31, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Autumn is almost here, and so are fall fire hazards that resurface upon its911-restoration Fall-Fire-Hazards Denver Metro arrival. Crisp cool mornings, crunchy rust-colored leaves call for campfires and cozy fireplaces–these autumnal elements can start a fire when you leave them unattended. Adding to the seasonal dangers are candles and Halloween decorations that increase the risk.

Most of these incidents are preventable if you practice fire safety tips for autumn that minimize property loss and personal injury. We have created a handy guide to identify such risks and practical ways to avoid as situation that causes fire and smoke damage.

Let’s have a look:

Indoor Fall Fire Hazards

Most families huddle around space heaters and fireplaces to stay warm. Yet, this scene can take a drastic turn if you’re not careful.

Here’s how:

Space Heaters

Space heaters are a popular choice for keeping chilly rooms warm and cozy. These small units can catch fire if they malfunction or cause upholstery (and electronics) around them to get overheated. In turn, these activities create an unexpected fall fire hazard.

You can avoid this by:

  • Placing space heaters a few feet away from flammable objects such as fabric, chemical agents, oil, etc. (approx. 3-4 feet away)
  • Prevent excessive heat-build up by keeping the rooms ventilated
  • Operating it according to the user manual to avoid any malfunction

Apart from this, you should test your space heaters for performance issues and repairs before using them in the fall. That way, you can replace a faulty unit before it causes any trouble.

Fireplaces & Furnaces

Fireplaces and furnaces make an appearance in late autumn when nights get chillier. Get both things inspected to know that they’re functional and have no leaks, repairs, and soot damage to hinder their heating system.

Additionally, you can:

  • Install a fireplace screen to prevent sparks from flying out
  • Extinguish the fireplace before heading to bed to avoid overnight accidents
  • Don’t leave the fireplace unattended for prolonged periods
  • Avoid keeping flammable objects on the mantelpiece or anywhere near the furnace (and fireplace)
  • Keep furniture and electronics at least three feet apart from your fireplace and furnace

More importantly, take care of ventilation to stop the room from getting hot and stuffy. Call your HVAC Company to do a routine check before usage.

Candles and Decor

Whether you enjoy lighting candles to create a cozy mood or its part of your seasonal decoration, you might want to enforce some ground rules.


  • Blowing out candles before leaving the room and bedtime
  • Keeping pets and children away from candles to prevent them from tipping over and causing a fire accident
  • Using alternatives such as battery-operated candles and glow sticks for your Halloween decor

These small steps will keep your home safe from candle-related fall fire hazards.

Bonus Fire Safety Tip: Replace smoke alarm batteries and old fire extinguishers to ensure you can mitigate the risks as soon as a fire starts.

Outdoor Fall Fire Hazards

Improper campfire lighting tactics and burning leaves can prove hazardous during this season. Here are a few fire safety tips for autumn to limit the danger.


Select a clear ground, away from dry leaves and overhanging branches for your backyard campfires. Avoid fire and smoke damage by ensuring that the campfire site isn’t too close to your house or other building structures. An approximate 25 feet distance should suffice in such cases.

Besides this, you should:

  • Light fire with a match or lighter instead of flammable liquids (i.e., kerosene or gasoline)
  • Continue adding bigger sticks and dry wood to your campfire to keep it well-ignited and controlled
  • Put off the fire when you leave the site and ensure that there aren’t any traces of ember left
  • Wear non-flammable clothes to keep yourself safe
  • Don’t let children or pets play around or stand too close to the flames
  • Keep a bucket of water, shovel, and dirt or hose handy so you can extinguish the fire as soon as you’re done

Lastly, you can create a boundary line around the campfire to ensure that nobody stands too close to it.

Burning Leaves

Burning fallen leaves is an underrated fall fire hazard. From windy conditions to improper disposal methods, the slightest misstep could cause a problem. Prevent worst scenarios by choosing an isolated location for leaf burning.  That means no overhead structures or branches around.

Moreover, you should check the day-to-day forecast to ensure that the weather conditions are favorable for this activity.

If possible, use fall leaves for mulching or landscaping purposes instead of burning all of them. You can ask a junk removal company to dispose of the excess. \

Final Words

In the end, fall fire hazards can turn a fun activity into a living nightmare. Protect your family and home from danger by practicing our fire safety tips for autumn.  They will allow you to enjoy the seasonal changes and festivities without disruption.

If things take a fiery route, you can trust 911 Restoration of Denver Metro to mitigate fire and smoke damages. Fires can be destructive, and they spread quickly.  We offer emergency disaster services by coming within 45 minutes of your call to minimize the spread. It helps keep the situation under control and reduces the time required to reverse the damages.

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