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Transforming Your Home On a Budget

Published by SEO on November 10, 2015 in category: Lifestyle

I love redecorating my home, but sometimes I don’t have the funds to do everything I would like to. I admit, converting the closet into a recording studio may have been a bit ambitious, but the YouTube tutorial I watched made it seem like it would be so easy and cheap… it wasn’t.

Fortunately, you don’t need to make such drastic changes to spruce up your pad. There are many little, quick fixes you can do that have the ability to transform your place into a sleeker, cleaner and more contemporary home.

Below are some of 911 Restoration’s favorite ways to give your drab, outdated space a beautiful, fresh look.

Baseboard Maintenance

The baseboards of a home can really make a difference between old school and new school. Those thin, low lying planks definitely date your place. Creating faux, high baseboards will definitely update your walls.

All you need is a piece of trim and some paint. Measure how far up you want your baseboard to go (probably 2-3 inches), place the trim evenly all the way around, secure with a nail gun and paint the space in between. It will look like you had custom baseboards installed.

Mirrored Doors

Most homes and apartments come installed with factory made flat paneled doors. Talk about boring. An easy way to modernize your room is by installing mirrors into those panels. They look cool, help expand the look of the room and actually serve a purpose. Be sure to paint the frame of the mirror the same color as the door to make them look built in.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are notorious eye sores, but if you don’t have central air conditioning they are a necessary evil that you just have to deal with. Most of the time they are rickety, old machines that are made from dingy wood and outdated bronze. However, instead of ripping them out completely, you can revamp your fans by giving them a paint job. Paint the panels and the fixture itself. Spray paint works great for the metal parts, and you can get a custom color at a home improvement store for the fans. Switch the light covers out for a more contemporary look to give it an even more personalized touch.

Paint Your Ceiling

You would be surprised what a coat of paint can do to a room, especially if it is applied to the ceiling. Using a flat paint in a color that compliments the room will do wonders, not only to brighten up the space, but by adding the illusion of height. The ceiling color will automatically make your eye look up, giving dimension to the area.

Put a Frame On It

Many of us have our televisions mounted on the wall either above a mantel or fireplace. Sometimes this can look out of place amid the home décor, so in an effort to blend in such a blatant piece of technology we recommend adding a frame. Finding a frame that fits around the screen, hiding the border of the television, will warm up the room and help the TV look like part of the overall design.

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